Pengantar SIM 2

Pengantar Sistem Informasi Management
Dr. I Wayan Simri Wicaksana, SSi, MEng

Basic Definition
-Computer -Data -Information -Knowledge -Habit -Information Technology -Information System


-Beda Main, Mini, PD, Server, dll
-Komponen di Komputer
– memory (RAM, ROM, PROM, EEPROM)
– penyimpanan (magnetik, optik, elektonik)
– peripheral
-VGA Card
-Komunikasi Card

Generasi Komputer
-Generasi 1, 1946-56, vacuum tubes, Magnetic drum, S/W:
Machine Code, Com: Telephone, Mem: 2kB, Perf:
0.01MIPS, contoh Eniac, Edvac.
-Generasi 2, 1957-66, Transistor, magnetic core, S/W:
High Level COBOL, Com: PCM, Mem: 32kB, Perf:
0.2MIPS, contoh IBM 7090
-Generasi 3, 1964-81, IC, Magnetic disc, S/W: Vhigh
Level, Com: Microwave, Mem: 2MB, Perf: 5MIPS
-Generasi 4, 1982-89, VLSI, optic, distributed, S/W: ES,
OO, Com: ISDN, Mem: 200MB, Perf: 100MIPS, contoh Cray XMP
-Generasi 5, 1990-.., VLSI, optic, paralel, S/W: Concurrent
language, GUI, Com: interconnection, Mem: 8GB, Perf:
1000MIPS, contoh Cray-3

Overview Software
-System Software
-Application Software
-End-User Software
-Fortran, COBOL,
-BASIC, Pascal

Generation Software
-Machine Language since 1940
-Assembly Language since 1950
-High Level Language since 1955
-Very High Level Language since 1970
-Trend di software
– Data access
– Personal use
– Huge & integrated

-Ring, Star, Bus, LAN, MAN, WAN
-Internet, Intranet dan Extranet
-Main Process, Centralized, Client-Server,
-Komponen Umum di Network
– Server
– Cabling
– Switch, Hub, Router, Gateway
– Firewall

Jenis Informasi Sistem

-Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
exp. Employee Record Keeping
-Office Automation System (OAS)
exp. Query & Update
-Knowledge Work Systems (KWS)
exp. Scheduling
-Decision Support Systems
exp. Promotion
-Management Information
Systems (MIS) exp. Need of Staff
-Executive Support Systems (ESS)
exp. Development & Budgeting

Apa level SDM di IT
– Supervised, Moderate, Independent, Leveling
– Programmer, System Analyst
– Project Manager
– Instructor
– Specialist (Data Communication, IT Security,
Quality Assurance, System Integration, Distributed
System, Database, IS Audit, Software Support).

Apa Persyaratan SDM TI?
– Skill
– Knowledge
– Attitude
– Education background & work experience??


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